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artist  statement . . . 

I'm always filling my pockets with stories about simple things, like living room dance parties, baking with our grandmothers and seeing the sparkle in a friend's eyes when she finally realizes her worth, and I'm passionate about telling these stories through art.  


What starts as a sketch and a story suddenly takes shape and, using wood, I create a design.  Words and images are carved and painted into the wood, becoming a permanent part of the artwork, each piece its own story.  Vibrant acrylic paints, handwritten words and whimsical wire accents bring each piece to life.


I want my work to remind people of the possibilities all around them and the never-ending beauty of everyday moments ~ finding strength in seeing our very own gardens grow, allowing ouselves to see the world in new ways and ultimately finding faith in ourselves.  


I hope my art is a stepping stone for viewers to think about their own unique stories and the importance of leaving their mark on the world.  


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