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 It's so easy to see the beauty in others ~ and yet, so hard to see it in ourselves.  That's where I come in.  


I create on-location lifestyle portraits that tell the story of who you are ~ now.  Most of us want to lose some weight, get more sleep, achieve things we haven't quite gotten around to yet, and we often forget that we are everything we need to be right now.  


So smile.  Be yourself.  Have fun.  


Cherish that gap in your teeth, the family you'd move mountains for . . . your new designer shirt or a scenic background is not going to evoke feelings of joy and happiness when you look at these photos tomorrow or years from now.  It's who you are, the people you're with, the hope in your eyes ~ those are the things that matter, the things that last. 

Portraits aren't about props or posing.  They are about people. And I'd love to tell your story . . . 

I have been photographing stories ~ the stories of families, couples, individuals and businesses in the Omaha area for over 13 years.   



Here are a few things former clients had to say:


"Thank you again for the wonderful photos of our family.  It was such a fun day and the pictures were a reflection of who we are!  You captured us!  Thank you again!" ~ Swift Family


"Your photographs are stunning.  Your pictures are more than pictures, they are art." ~ Megan


" You did a wonderful job and we absolutely love the photos!! The experience is one that we will never forget."

~ Heather S.


"The pictures you took, Casey, are invaluable to us and carry the stories of our father in profound ways.  Thank you!"  ~ Mary Z.


"Everyone has said how much they love the pictures and how much fun you were.  I can't find a single picture that I don't love.  Every one of them is my favorite . . . Quite a few people asked if you were friends of ours and were surprised to know that we hardly knew each other . . . The pictures are worth every penny." ~ Jaime R.


"Just letting you know we had lots of people ask who our photographer was, wanted your name/number, etc.  Everyone loved the senior album and we didn't see anything like this at other parties! Thanks again for a great experience!!!" ~Nancy G.


"Oh my goodness.  Thank you doesn't seem like enough.  But Thank You.  For taking our beautiful photos.  You are so talented."  ~ Lindsay G.


"The pictures turned out wonderful.  I didn't want to tell you I had a minor meltdown that morning because I wasn't feeling picture worthy and felt I was going to look like a cow.  I am very happy with them and have forwarded your blog onto about 10 people.  You are very talented.  It is easy to take nature pictures but much more difficult to take good portraits."  Heather T.


"We love them!!!!  We had such an enjoyable time and really appreciate the time you took with us.  You are wonderful to work with and did great with the kids.  Olivia commented as we were leaving how she likes that kind of pictures (rather than posing in the studio).  Thanks again!" ~ Baker Family 





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