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Buds and birds and . . . beginnings

"Buds and birds and . . . beginnings." ~ S. Kurz

That line is such a simple, perfect expression of spring, and

I'm desperate to get to that place.

Not just on the outside but on the inside.

When winter lingers in my heart too long, I get stuck.

Frozen in a place of numbness so hard to break free from.

I cut ties, focus on just getting through the daily tasks

required of me, and I quietly drift away . . .

But I can see the light in the distance, and I am reaching

for it. It's hard to know what this cloud around me is

made of, anxiety, allergies, depression, a reaction

to processed foods, maybe all of it.

But as long as there is still a slice of hope in my

heart, I know I will get there. And holding

on to these words from a sweet email I got this morning helps:

"Stay positive and know that we are climbing together."

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