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I doubt myself. A lot.

And that can be a bit of a challenge,

to say the least, when you are a

small business owner who must survive

on trying to promote what you do and,

ultimately, who you are. I am constantly

comparing myself to others, frustrated that

I can't find the time to follow through

with all my creative ideas. I get overwhelmed

by all the things I should be doing that

I shut down. Don't start.

I am always trying to be a better photographer, artist,

writer, mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter,

human . . . But the thing is, even when I feel

as though I'm failing at all of it,

I truly believe there is still hope, waiting

in the wings for me.

I look at my son's sweet face, and I

realize caring for this little person, talking to

him, showing him how to see the beauty in this amazing

world around us, matters. Like, big time. And this

may be the biggest job I ever tackle, the thing that

matters the most.

I want to show him that we all have something unique

to offer this world, to hold up and share with the people

we meet on our journey, whether they be family, friends, or clients.

And yes, all of that fear and doubt is part of it ~ pushing us

along, reminding us there is strength in our bones as long as

we have breath. That we can come to the edge, with open hearts,

and leap. Not because the world is watching, but because we know

at our core, we are worth it.

#leap #doubt #inspiration #artist

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