Halloweenukkah ~ Day 8: Ghost

When we asked, the dude told us he wanted to be a ghost for Halloween. Unlike last year, when his answer changed every time, he was pretty consistent this year. And while you'd think this would've been the easiest costume of all, it ended up being the hardest. We went through several different versions before we settled on this one. I wanted it to be cute, but I really just wanted the dude to love it. And he did. A big shout out to my friend & Team Halloweenukkah alum, Rhonda, for finding that cool ghost fabric and sewing this amazing costume. And I found the super cute handmade hat on Etsy. It's been another awesome Halloweenukkah. Thanks for following and leaving comments! We'll be posting a few behind the scenes photos over the next few days. But for now, it's time for trick or treating! Have fun and be safe!!

#halloweenukka #halloweencostume #ghostcostume #halloweenphotography

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