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Behind The Scenes ~ Halloweenukkah 2013

As promised, here are a few behind-the-scenes Halloweenukkah photos. There really weren't that many shots, since we were pretty focused on getting the photos we needed in the limited amount of time we had ~ while we had his attention AND while he stayed in costume. You'll notice my brother, Scott, in several of the photos. He's the one who runs around with the dude and gets him to "act the part" while Jerred & I shoot. He always makes sure the dude is having a blast and there is no shortage of laughter. I didn't realize how many shoots the dude's BFF, Sharko, came along on until I was looking at these photos. The shot of the dude with curlers in his hair, in preparation for the Dr. Who shoot, is one of my faves. He's pretty amazing to go along with all this insanity. And this is the first year he was giving us lots of ideas for what kind of shots to get. Definitely makes it more fun!


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