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Halloweenukkah Day 6: Elliot

So I really wanted to end Halloweenukkah with this costume, but, tonight was a Halloweenukkah first ~ dude did not want to take pics. I think it was a combination of being tired, wearing an itchy, hot costume, and our own energy was low from lack of sleep. In 5 years and 38 costumes this has never happened, which I think is pretty amazing for a toddler. So, had to go with this one tonight since we don’t have the last 2 shot yet. The reason I was saving it, my brother and I loved E.T. growing up. We watched it a million times, and it’s my mom’s absolute favorite movie.

The thing about Halloweenukkah is that every night, right after I post the pics, the first thing I do is call my mom and dad and listen to their reactions as they look at the pics. It’s one of my favorite parts of doing this. Halloweenukka is this fun, magical thing I get to share with my son, the same way my mom shared this movie with me. It’s one of those things that stays with you. Even when you grow up. So, this one is for you, mom.

et 1.jpg
et 2.jpg
et 3.jpg
et 4.jpg

et 5.jpg
et 6.jpg
et 7.jpg
et 8.jpg

et 9.jpg
et 10.jpg
et 11b_.jpg

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