Halloweenukkah Day 8: Superman

As I mentioned earlier, I always envisioned Elliot from E.T. being the final Halloweenukkah post. So when I had to use that costume early, I wasn’t sure we’d have the epic finale we wanted. The last costume we had, Jack Skellington, just wasn’t working out. It didn’t fit him right, even after alterations, and I just wasn’t crazy about the costume. Then a friend of mine said something about doing a throwback photo or something that took us back to the beginning. And suddenly I knew the last costume had to be Superman.

If you’ve followed Halloweenukka from the beginning, you know that Superman was our finale the first year. And it summed up the whole concept of Halloweenukkah ~ fun, cute, happy images that inspire creativity, foster hope and make you smile. I’ll never forget the joy in Logan’s face as he flew through the air as Superman the very first year. And seeing him in these images now, 5 years later, still fills me with love and hope for what his future holds. Halloweenukkah has been the ultimate adventure but there is so much more to come.

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Casey Kurz
Omaha, Nebraska