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Moving Forward

So the thing about dreams is that you have to believe in them.

When people question or doubt you, when the directions aren't laid out,

when things threaten to stop you and keep you off track. You have to

remind yourself why you started on this journey in the first place.

Because you have to get somewhere. And it's not just a roadtrip or

a quick visit to see an old friend. You're not looking for that shiny museum

or even the cafe with the chatty waitress. This is the journey that is more important

than any other place you'll go. The one that will define the person you are and

the one you're going to be. They key is to keep moving forward. Even if it's a

small step. Even if it's the hardest step you've ever taken. Because you will get there.

And when you do, you'll realize you're finally home.

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