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About Time


This is a beginning of sorts for me.

Lots looming on the horizon ~ a milestone birthday,

coming to terms with not being where I wanted to

be at this time in my life, my son gearing up for

kindergarten, coming to terms with my own difficult

grade school experiences, relating to and caring for my

aging parents, and trying to build a successful art career

while being true to my voice.

I am afraid. I think some part of me always has been.

But I'm not satisfied with simmering in it anymore.

Worrying about what everyone else thinks is exhausting,

and it doesn't leave much room for wondering what I think.

So on this day, at this moment, I am forging a new path for myself.

I'm letting go of this outdated map and trusting my instincts

to find a better way.

I don't want regret whispering in my ear 20 years from now. In fact,

I hope she'll have relocated to another country by then.

So today, I start moving . . . 30 blogs in 30 days . . .

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