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Getting started


Getting started is always the hardest part of the journey.

Taking the leap, committing to something you're afraid to do.

I mean, what's more frightening than an unknown outcome?

Even if we're setting out to do something that is guaranteed to fail,

we can still find comfort in knowing how the whole thing will play out.

The unknown is, well, unknown. We start piling up the fears

that we've been collecting all our lives and attaching them to

this new venture. And soon the thing that started out as an exciting spark

has transformed into a giant scary monster, and all without us even writing

our name at the top of the paper.

We play out all the scenarios in our head and can only see tragedy and judgement. It's a "choose your own worst ending" because we forgot how to write the good ones.

That's why sometimes it's imporant to get out of our heads and just DO

something. Before we have a chance to psyche ourselves out or run away.

Instead of worrying about making a mess and creating something ugly,

we need to just dive in, stick our hands in the paint and start creating something.

We have to let go of the outcome (guess what, is hasn't happend yet!)

and realize the power comes in DOING.

Even if it's not perfect or what we set out to do. We'll never find our way if we're too busy looking down at a map to see there is massive construction ahead and we need to find a new way. It's time we forget about choosing our own endings, and just choose to have a middle, which is ultimately the stories and experiences that make up a life.

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