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Keeping it Real

So, when I disappear from social media for a few days every once in a while, it’s usually because I’ve dipped into that place of self-doubt and start worrying too much about content and what my audience wants and I think of a million things I should be doing and get so overwhelmed that I shut down. And the worst part of this ~ I stop reaching out, I stop connecting, I basically stop being me, because I worry that the me I’m going to show up as won’t fit into the version of me everyone expects.

I know. It’s a lot of thinking and not a lot of doing.

So sometimes it takes a gentle nudge from a friend, or in this case, my spouse, to remind me to get back out there. It’s not about numbers and followers and sales and being perfect. It’s about letting people in to all the parts of me, the messes, the mistakes, the successes, the attempts, the sparkle I see in the world and in the eyes of animals and children and the pure hope of a blue sky on a crisp winter day. All of it keeps me going.

Yes, running my own business is hard and overwhelming and scary. But this is the life I chose. Because I love creating and bringing joy and meaning and laughter into people’s lives. Because I think we all need a reminder sometimes, to focus on the small acts of joy that dance through our lives everyday, often in quiet ways that seldom warrant our undivided attention.

I want to help people find those moments, celebrate them, and find a reason to smile more. And love. Love our families, love ourselves, love the world. Because all of it matters.

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