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Getting up to Speed

January often feels like a super-charged treadmill to me,

stuck on a level going way too fast.

I want to get on, but I just can’t get up enough speed

to keep up at such a dizzying pace.

If you’ve ever used a treadmill,

you know you have to start slow,

pace yourself for what’s to come, then

you keep building until,

suddenly, you’re going faster

than you thought you could.

And, when you’re able to surprise yourself,

it feels pretty amazing.

And even though looking around my dimly lit, unfinished basement doesn’t

make me feel like a superhero staring across the skyline of a city I protect,

it still feels pretty exhilarating

to have met a goal,

made a mark,

no matter how small.

Because, like the level on the treadmill, this is only the beginning

of realizing what I have the power to do.

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