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Yesterday was dude’s last day of school and

we had some fun stuff planned to do as a family

but . . . things didn’t work out quite as we planned.

I think it was culmination of growing pains, Kindergarten

ending, leaving friends, excitement and sadness mixed up

in this weird ball of 6-year-old emotions. The dude

had a total meltdown. Tears, anger, screams, all of it.

Classic tantrum type stuff.

Dude is usually pretty chill and well-rounded,

but he’s 6 and he certainly has his moments.

And boy did he have a moment last night.

So we scrapped our plans and had to shut it

all down to deal. After lots of tears, dude collapsed on his

bed and got some much needed rest. He’s like a different

kid today (thank goodness). And he made me this little note

while he was in his room last night.

When he gave it to me, he had tears in his eyes. So I gave

him a big hug and told him we all make mistakes. We all

make bad decisions sometimes, but the key is what we do next.

That we try to do better next time. That we always love each

other, through the mistakes.

So putting a positive spin on it all, dude said this morning,

“Let’s have a dance party when dad gets home,

since today is REALLY the first day of summer!”

Never one to turn down a dance party, I agreed.

It’s going to be a good summer . . .

#sorry #mistakes #apologies #authentic #inspire #love #family

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