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Small victories

It seems simple enough.

Open a Word document, compose some sentences,

let the computer check your spelling and grammar,

then post, sending your words out into the world.

And it would be JUST that easy except for finding a beautiful

photo which visually matches the theme or feeling of the words and

saying something meaningful or thought provoking or structured.

And, for me, there’s always got to be some kind of silver lining,

some small shiny pebble in the sidewalk that leans towards hope.

I hate sending negativity into the world, even if that’s where I’m at. Even if that’s

what I’m feeling.

Because this blog, at it’s core, is a way for me to work out my own stuff,

to express something that’s usually been simmering and working itself

out over hours, days, or weeks.

It’s the reason I started making art in the first place.

To create the thing I needed to see, hear or feel when I have trouble finding it.

It’s how I declare I’m still here, fighting the good fight, even when

I’ve lost my gloves and forgotten who and what I’m up against.

For me, today, right now, these words are about taking a step.

Even if it’s not perfect or ground breaking or optimizing my SEO

content or whatever that is.

I’m holding my beating heart at 11:06 AM on this ordinary Tuesday morning and saying,

I am here,

in my messy art studio,

showing up,


on a day like today, that is the victory.

And even though it doesn’t feel like a grand accomplishment,

it's the small thing that will ultimately keep me moving forward . . .

So, take some small step today too. It doesn’t have to be crazy,

it doesn’t need to be loud.

Just enough for you to open your eyes a little wider and

feel that fire inside

that’s still there.

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