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Autumn has always been a magical time for me ~

the crisp air seeping through open windows,

the warm shades of orange and gold that line

the streets, revealing splendor in every corner and

forgotten place.

Change becomes something palpable.

You can taste it in the apple orchards and as

you slip your fingers gently around a warm drink.

You can see it as the tall Maple trees send

down their silent offerings, leaves

falling to the ground in delicate patterns,

shades of color only nature

could create.

I feel a sense of hope that often eludes me in winter and summer.

Maybe it’s the realization that such beauty exists even

in things that are dying. Knowing there will be a hibernation

of sorts underground, the earth preparing for what’s to come.

But first, the harvest.

Gathering what we’ve worked so hard for

throughout the year, reflecting on what’s been

and what’s to come.

Allowing ourselves to sit quietly with the

magic the earth has to offer,

sharing our fears, our hopes, our stories.

Having the strength to let go of what’s been

been weighing us down,

hiding in the folds of our hearts.

Allowing us to stretch our tired limbs,

now lighter and stronger,

towards the sky.

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