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Day trip 

Took a spontaneous trip to Nebraska City today. Being with my family, this beautiful weather, the light that filters through the trees late in the afternoon this time of year, it was such a magical trip. 

We were only there a few hours but that was all it took to have a precious afternoon with my family and make some memories we'll carry with us as we giggle in the car and munch on apple cider donuts on the way home. 

It's important to remember how simple it is to make a choice to get out and do something when to-do lists and the thought of traffic gridlock keeps us home sometimes on a beautiful day.

The giant trees that towered above us as we walked through Arbor Lodge Park, whispering of past lives and a way of life so different from ours - but maybe, underneath, our hopes and dreams really not so different, just wanting to be happy and free and spend our days with the sun on our backs, making memories with the people we love. And, just maybe, somehow making the world a better place as we do it. 

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